Fixed price

Clear terms and expenses on your project for easy planning and predictable results

Budget Control
No Overruns
Fixed Deadlines

How does the Fixed Price model work?

This engagement model fits perfectly for tasks with defined, limited scope and requirements. You agree on the time and price before starting.

Perfect choice for companies seeking transparent spending along with minimum risks.


Transparent budgeting

You know the exact project spending from the moment of signing the contract.

Minimal risks

All additional expenses are our responsibility. We take all the risks and guarantee stable prices.

Strict terms

We agree on the deadlines at the very start and deliver at the initially discussed terms.


Limited flexibility

After the implementation is started, it can be strenuous and expensive to change the scope.

Possibility of the quality compromise

Sometimes providers can choose not the best implementation options to stay within the budget.

For whom?

Short- and mid-sized projects
With crystal clear requirements and limited terms.
Limited budget projects
Where the client has full control over spending and the team strictly keeps deadlines.

How it works ?

In the first step, we discuss your ideas and check if they fit in the Fixed Price model limitations. As the second step, we discuss requirements in every small detail to avoid further misunderstanding and to estimate the project correctly. The last step is for the closing agreement on terms and prices, finalized by signing the contract.


  • check24hours - max response time.
  • checkA real person will answer you.
  • checkNo AI-generated emails.
  • Direct

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