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Why to outsource?

Take all your time to the business growth and let IT professionals do their job. By choosing the outsourcing model, you are immediately getting a ready-to-go team with relevant experience. You don’t need to spend time searching and hiring them.

This model is a perfect choice for projects with clearly defined goals where you don’t have time for management. The outsourcing team is fully independent. You will be involved mostly in the discussion of the requirements.

This model also gives you incredible flexibility — you can scale and optimize the resources depending on the current project’s needs.


Immediate access to the top talents

Among our developers, we will choose top-skilled professionals with the most relevant experience.

Reduced expenses

You don’t have to spend on searching, hiring, learning, and retaining the team.

Focus on the business growth

Leave the whole tech side for us and we will find the best solution for your business goals.


Timezone inconvenience

We always adjust our working time to fit our clients’ schedules, but there can be some misunderstandings.

Strong affiliation with the provider

The team has full access to the project, so you need 100% trust them.

For whom?

Which are seeking a fast start without spending time and effort hiring a big team.
Existing businesses
To optimize spending and effectively use resources.
Projects with rare skills need
As a part of a business of any size, where you need professionals with a specific set of skills who are difficult or illogical to hire.

How it works ?

After discussing the project requirements, we suggest a possible team setup. It will vary depending on the additional services your project needs and the technologies used. The team is flexible, so we can adjust it even while working. Since you are ok with the requirements and the implementation plan, all the technical details are on our side. We will meet for regular updates and high-level approvals till the project is done.


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  • checkA real person will answer you.
  • checkNo AI-generated emails.
  • Direct contacthello@upup.one

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