Your team, our professionals: flexibility and control.

Staff Flexibility
Resource Saving
Direct Oversight

Why outstaffing?

Get all the necessary professionals remotely and deal with only one subcontractor.

In the outstaffing model, you just need to tell us which experts you need. All the legal questions stay on our side. You are flexible in the remote team composition and can quickly adjust it. At the same time, your regular team remains the same.

Perfect fit for companies, that need full control over the staff, and want to minimize administrative and legal efforts.


Full control in your hands

You directly manage remote professionals and control all the processes and choices.

Flexibility and scalability

Fast adjustments for the team size and composition without the need to headhunt and hire.

Cost optimization

You only sign a contract with us, we take care of all the rest of the legal questions, taxes, and socials


Management workload

All the management of the remote team happens on your side, and alongside enhanced control, it requires time and effort to keep processes going.

Cultural and time zone differences

Which you can minimize by choosing a team, that shares your values and is ready to adopt a schedule similar to yours.

For whom?

That want to start implementing as soon as possible, and need to keep all the decision-making authority on their side.
Existing businesses
That need to expand the team with minimum costs and risks, and are keen to manage all the processes internally
Growing projects
To accelerate development for certain projects or tasks and keep the team easily scalable

How it works ?

As soon as you’ve chosen the outstaffing model, we can discuss which professionals you need and start setting up the team. We are collaborating as much time as you need, but you will get the most from the long-term cooperation due to the team’s involvement and familiarity with the project.


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