Time & Material

Flexibility and transparent pricing for projects with limited or unclear scope.

Budget Control
No Overruns
Fixed Deadlines

Why Time & Material?

In this model, you only pay for the time actually spent on the project.

Often, it’s impossible to predict how long the development process will take. For such cases, we have the Time and Material engagement model. If you cannot tell the exact scope or know, that it will be updated during the work process — this model is perfect for you.

On the other hand, for one-time projects you don’t want to hire and then lay off the whole team, and here Time and Material model is also helpful. Moreover, you keep full control and set priorities for maximum return on investments.



You are not limited to your initial ideas and can update the scope at any stage of work.

Pay only for the job done

Only time directly spent on the project is billed. You are getting the most straightforward pricing possible.

Transparent processes

With regular reports and progress tracking, you can easily control spending and job done.

Easy prioritizing

You have to choose what will be done first, so priorities will be set even before the work starts.

Keep in mind:

Spending can vary

The final price can grow because the scope or requirements have changed.

You are involved in the management

You will need to stay in close touch with the team to control and update goals, scope, and spending.

For whom?

Projects with agile scope
In case you cannot predict the exact scope or know, that it will be changed, you can only pay for actual time spent.
One-time projects
For jobs you need to be done only once or experts you don’t have in the team and don’t want to hire full-time.

How it works ?

After a detailed discussion of the initial requirement and scope, we propose the best-fit set of professionals to reach your goals. With your feedback and updates, we sign the contract and start implementation. You are getting regular reports and track progress, see intermediate results, and can update goals even while the job is in progress. In the end, you get a ready-to-use solution to grow your business.


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