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Business challenge

When we first partnered with the UA Mental Health Foundation, it was just a bright idea. They needed a visual representation that:

  • Reflects their goals
  • Is intuitive for those seeking support
  • Attracts new partners
  • Raises community awareness about mental health issues
  • Helps people with similar challenges connect

The Challenge

  • Creating such a project from scratch was a great opportunity, but it also came with challenges.
  • We needed a clear UI that instills confidence within minutes, so people seeking help would feel comfortable asking for it
  • The "Need help" flow had to be straightforward, ensuring even those in a highly distracted mental state could use it with ease.
  • Additionally, we needed to attract partners, so it couldn’t just be a page with a huge red "HELP ME" button in the middle.
  • We needed to create space for events, sponsors, and the community.
  • Check below how did we manage to resolve all the challenges.

What We Did

  • [ 01 ]We created two separate flows for clients and partners directly from the first screen. It helped to shorten the flow for people who are already aware of the project and those who can make a fast decision.
  • [ 02 ]Designed a user-friendly donation interface with options for one-time and recurring contributions. Integrated visual progress indicators to showcase fundraising efforts and their impact in real-time.
  • [ 03 ]Enhanced the Blog and Activities sections with features like categories, tags, infinite scroll, and interactive calendars for upcoming events, making it easier for users to find relevant information and engage with UAMH’s initiatives
  • [ 04 ]Developed a multi-language interface that supports English, Ukrainian, and Czech, making the site accessible to a broader audience.
  • [ 05 ]Moderate greenish pastel palette creates a neutral pleasant background and doesn't distract from main messages of the web site.

The Result

  • Amount of consultations provided increased by 800%. Foundation now has a constant flow of clients. They partnered with Maybelline and continuously attract donations and volunteers to to support their mission.

Technologies and Platforms We Work With

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Vision Statemen

At UpUp, we believe in the power of enduring partnerships over transient client relationships. Our vision is to forge long-term collaborations, focusing on a select group of clients. Our commitment is not only to address present needs but to anticipate future challenges, ensuring our clients are always at the forefront of technological advancements.

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